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We help organizations facilitate conversations and make systemic changes that deliver concrete Diversity, Equity and Inclusion results.


Inclusive Cultures are:

  • 8x more likely to have overall better business outcomes
  • 6x more likely to be innovative
  • 6x more likely to be agile
  • 3x more likely to be high performing*
*High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion study, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, 2017


At Inclusion4Performance, we help individuals and organizations develop inclusive environments. We know that inclusion fosters high performance. Hands down. No question. Because when employees are treated fairly and respectfully, they bring their best to work.

Many companies want to create inclusion but few know what steps to take to do so. Inclusion4Performance helps individuals and organizations transform institutionalized dynamics of exclusion by developing:

  • the ability to Recognize dynamics and practices which lead to inequity and exclusion,
  • the Courage to address them, and
  • the Skill to respectfully discuss and transform them.


Our Clients:

What Clients Have to Say

“Paula assisted me, as a new Dean, and my Student Services staff of a community college in our efforts to build more effective and trusting working relationships.  

Several beneficial outcomes emerged. The different classification levels of employees began a process of recognizing the value of trust, collaboration, and team problem-solving as a means of finding more effective solutions toward meeting goals. This process succeeded by allowing me to build a stronger working relationship with staff heretofore unknown. Most important, Paula’s work established a framework for better interpersonal as well as formal communications. 

I have known Paula for over 20 years and have come to respect her professional level of expertise, especially in areas of communication, equity and inclusion.”  

Richard Armenta, Ph.D. 

“Paula delivered training to my team of HR Business Partners on Developing High Performing Teams. My team found the evidence-based knowledge and tools she shared to be very effective at helping us become an even more inclusive and collaborative team.”

Edie Casanova, HR Manager

“Paula Zamarra is a fantastic leadership coach. She worked with me directly for over 6 months to improve my leadership skills, specifically in terms of communicating and motivating my team. Paula’s emphasis on self-reflection, internal motivation for change, and her unwavering support helped me to become an even more effective leader and communicator. I really saw a positive change in my ability to handle crucial conversations and build rapport with my direct reports. I am grateful for her guidance and would recommend Paula to anyone who is looking for help in becoming a better leader.”

Chen Li, Systems Engineering Lead

“Paula Zamarra is an outstanding mentor! Paula’s empathetic approach to professional coaching is refreshing. Her questions helped me identify multiple aspects of my career strategy that needed refinement. I was able to refocus on short-term objectives that will help me achieve my long-term goals. Most importantly, Paula provided actionable feedback that I implemented following our session. I observed positive results right away. I am so grateful for the clarity that Paula provided. If you are looking for an experienced strategic mentor who advocates for change, Paula is your coach!”

Shelly Sousa, Solutions Architect

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